Dastar Institute of Ludhiana






Guru Gobind Singh bestowed the crown of turban on the head of his Khalsa. The revered guru sacrificed his whole family to give awe-inspiring recognition and respectability to the Sikhs with new unique form and physique, principles and code of conduct. With long flowing beard, profuse manly moustaches, superb saintly hair and impressive kingly turban, the shape and glamour of a Sikh became knightly and his mental psyche and self-will turned steely. A devout Sikh could get his head chopped off smilingly but would never allow anybody maliciously touching his turban for which he always possesses utmost reverence, veneration and esteem.


But alas! The very form of the Sikhs, their prestigious turban, their pious hair, their sublime heritage, praise-worthy code of conduct are now in doldrums and the youth of this unique Sikh nation has gone astray all of a sudden.


It has come-out from the survey by the GGSSC that the main reason of out cast of the children is due to non-compulsory to decorate the dastar in colleges. An accustom has been started for training and contests of Dastar by GGSSC under Dastar Institute of Ludhiana. The school children are taught about the significance of Dastar in Sikh personality & heritage and training for the same is provided. Till now more than 500 Sikh boys and girls have been trained by professional trainers of Dastar Institute of Ludhiana (DIL)

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