GRDCEG takes following initiatives for engaging students and youth in economic activities for their personal benefits and for the overall development of the economy :-


(1) Entrepreneurship Programs:  GRDCEG organizes work shops, seminars, conclaves and webinars for students and youth to impart learnings in commerce, latest global developments, start-ups and entrepreneurship skills. The GRDCEG experts motivate them, provide mentorship and awareness about seed funding and other avenues available for young entrepreneurs.


(2) Internships and Apprenticeships: The GRDCEG encourage and inspire local businesses to offer internships and apprenticeships to students, and youth allowing them to gain practical experience.


(3) Financial Literacy Education:  GRDCEG impart learning to young people about budgeting, saving, investing, managing debt and to equip them with other financial skills.


(4) Youth-Targeted Grants and Awards : GRDCEG provide awareness about grants and award-winning avenues specifically for young businessmen and startups.


(5) Supportive Ecosystem : We encourages investors to develop supportive ecosystem with networking events, co-working spaces, and access to resources for young entrepreneurs.


(6) Career Fairs: GRDCEG organizes career fairs where students can explore job opportunities and connect with potential employers.


(7) Online Platforms: GRDCEG encourages the students and young entrepreneurs to utilize online platforms and social media to explore markets, promote economic activities and connect with a broader audience.


(8) This forum have Career Guidance Cell which provides guidance and support for making them aware about job opportunities in Govt and Corporate businesses


(9) Endeavour for Educational Reforms : GRDCEG do consistent efforts to convince the School Board to incorporate practical economic education into school curricula for successful economic engagement of students and youth.


(10) Government Initiatives: GRDCEG advocate and persuade the government to formulate policies that support youth employment, startups, and economic participation.


(11) Encourage Innovation: GRDCEG create challenges and organize competitions that encourage young people to develop innovative solutions to economic and social issues.


(12) Connecting to the Roots : GRDCEG encourages students and provide opportunities to connect with the glorious  heritage and history of developing Sri Amritsar Sahib into an important Economic, Trade and Commercial Centre by Sri Guru Ramdas ji, the founder of the holy City. We also publish literature, digital support materials and books for the purpose.

Dhur Sanjog