The GGSSC works on another aspect related to strengthening the family system in our society. We believe that though "family" is a smallest unit yet it has in-built and real strength of the society. The Family System often serves as a primary source of support, inculcating the spirituality, religion, value based lifestyle and emotional bonds among the family members. The dynamics within a family can greatly impact the well-being and development of its members.

The woman as mother and man as father act as bonding force, gives divine love and creates emotional attachment among the family members. The marriage is the way of making a family. Which starts with entering into a divine relationship of husband and wife.

We believe that this relationship is decided by the Akal Purakh, the Supreme Authority, the creator of the Universe, as per the divine wisdom of Gurbani. A Sikh has to lead a married life it is the Order of the Guru.

GGSSC has a platform namely "Dhurey Payea Sanjog" where we try to facilitate and unite the parents seeking marital matches for their sons and daughters. This organ of GGSSC has earned good will and best wishes by uniting hundreds of couples in marital relationships and they are leading a happy and successful married life together.

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Jatider Pal Singh

Director - Dhurey Piya Sanjog

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Jaswinder Singh

Manager - Sikh Book Center/Virsa Publication/Dhure paya sanjog

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