Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur , Quila-Raipur

With a view for temperance of the use of the intoxication, three De-Addiction cum Rehabilitation Centers are being run by GGSSC at Ludhiana, Hoshiarpur and recently open at Quila-Raipur (Ludhiana), where medical treatment is given by way of Allopathic, Homopathatic, and sociopathatic to desired person. These Centres caters to treatment that includes Heroin addiction treatment, Cocaine addiction treatment, Solvent Abuse Treatment, Treatment for addiction to Prescribed Medication, Methadone addiction treatment and Treatment for addiction to all Other Drugs of Abuse.

Along with medication and supervision, spiritual counseling of the patients is done to enable them to go through the process of purification of the mind so that they can experience the inner peace through “grasping and developing a manner of living“.

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