Approach and Working Style

In today’s world, where the speed of material development is at its peak, the decline in human values is also coming rapidly. Jealousy, duality, bitterness, greed, greed and the insatiable hunger for wealth and wealth have afflicted the man of Kalyugi to such an extent that he has become extremely selfish. With all these phenomena, the human mind is getting burdened and falling prey to many new diseases and mental diseases. Scientists have a lot of material comforts and resources to give to man, but to get rid of mental stress and restlessness, the world has to come to the Oat of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, this is our unwavering faith and determination. Acquiring the ability to communicate the message of Gurbani for the benefit of the entire humanity is a great challenge.

The Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle recognizes and acknowledges the depth of these challenges. From our very beginnings, it has been the notion that only with united, united, united class power created through organized mobilization can change the times. That is why the study circle is focused on finding and doing systematic and organized solutions to the problems according to the approach of Gurbani in every sector of the society.

The primary and natural modus operandi of the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle is ‘educational’. Expansion of knowledge is the basic principle of the methodology. Weekly study circles, seminars, lectures, Shabad thought workshops and conventions, competitions, kirtan events, leadership and personality building camps, self-enlightenment events, audio-video tools, family contact programs etc. Personal and organizational preparation of committed volunteers should be done for the movement of conversion.

During the 50 years since the establishment of the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, its workers have created a unique history of selfless service in various fields. It is only because of the grace of God that this work of service has become possible and is being blessed.

Functional Jurisdiction

The entire working area of the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle organization has been divided into two parts.

a) Educational Sector: Every school/college/university and other educational institutions are its purview. In this field, the Organizational Working Council of the Study Circle runs the overall movement in the field through the Academic Council. The students are led by the Central Students Council and the teachers are led by the Central Teachers Council which works under the Academic Council.

b) Social Sector: The Organizational Working Council of the Study Circle in this field guides the overall movement in the field through the Social Sector Council. Apart from educational institutions, the entire society is its field of action.

(c) The responsibility of running and implementing the programs as per the agenda in both the above work areas lies with the Chief Organizer, Chief Secretary and their entire team of the Organizational Working Council through various channels (councils) as indicated in the ‘Organizational Structure’.

Strategy to achieve our Mission :

GGSSC committed and aims at bringing about change in the living style of individual volunteers, families and further organising community actions for changing the society in line with the principle of Welfare of Humanity at large.

We as volunteers of GGSSC individually and collectively through Gurbani exert together and help each other to practice and develop spirituality, goodness, higher values of life, high moral character, honesty, work culture, tolerance, peace of mind and soul, respect for parents, teachers, and humanity as a whole, shun intoxicants and alcoholism and this all is Culture of Sarbat Da Bhalla.

When adopted as life style by individual GGSSC volunteers becomes the basis of bringing healthy change in the society.

Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle follows educational approach and strategy. Knowledge remains our key tool. Series of motivational, personality development camps and holding weekly Study Circle, leadership workshops, kirtan training & weekly programs & family contact programs are planned to encourage spirited volunteering for social engineering. Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle has been serving the society for past 51 years in diverse ways. We thank almighty for having blessed us with ‘Sewa’.

Organisational Systems and Flagship Works :

According to the organizational working method of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, the entire work has been divided into 5 councils (teams) under the Supreme Council (and its core committee). The Organizational Working Council is the frontal and grassroots team of the study circle. The main task of which is to implement the agenda and work plan set through the organizational structure for the achievement of the objectives of the circle in the entire working area through units, regions, zones and states. The Organizational Working Council is supported by the other four councils (teams) of the study circle viz., HRD. Planning Council, Admin Council, Collaboration and External Relations Council and Financial Management Council are functioning according to their respective areas of work and working methods to provide organizational support.