One of the pressing problems in Sikhism today is that the youths are reluctant to keep unshorn hair. So the supreme council of GGSSC has taken this issue on priority basis. This drive has been initiated by GGSSC to highlight the significance of kes (hair) in the Sikh History and to bring back those youths who have cut their hair.

Adoption of Villages

  • Phase I Slide Show
  • Phase II De-addiction Camp
  • Phase III Gurmat Samagam
  • Phase IV Formation of Organizational Unit, Magazines, Publications, Gurmat Examination
  • Phase V Participation in Kes Pyar March of 12,000 villages of Punjab

Adoption of Families

  • Selection of Families Criteria (Gursikh, deprived: Siklighar, Vanjara, rural, riot-affected, contribution for sikh cause, commitment for -kes and amrit, -sewa in unit)
  • Publication of selected families with photographs and addresses
  • International appeal to the sikh sangat around the world