Director’s Message

Human resource development is pivotal to the continues growth of society. although machines have taken off a lot of work from us, qualitiesd like compassion and empathy re,main unique to human beings. These values are goremost in developing global harmony, need of the present time.

we require innovative solutions conducive to universal values of pease and brotherhood. The philosophy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is capable of inspiring human minds for living a purposeful life based on equality and non- discrimination. To espouse the culture of ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ ie welfare of all, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle has chosen the path of motivated volunteering through organizational medium. we believe that volunteers, are the princiapl actors of social engineering and their training, schooling and periodic orinetation is fundamental.

With precicesly this in mind, Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha Institute was establlished at Ludhiana under the ageis of GGSSC. five beloveds laid the foundation of institute building on December31 in the year 1994. Hitherto the institute has trained nearly 4500 volunteers in over 250 courses. The participants include volunteers from different social strata viz students, teachers, doctors, writers etc.

The management aims at holistic capacity-building of participants. After attending the courses at BKSNI the participants get better equipped with problem-solving capabilities and develop positive attitudes. They get empowered to generate a global social momentum for fostering the culture of Sarbat da Bhala. The institute derives its zeal from the monumental works of legendary scholar Bhai Kahn Singh Ji of Nabha.

Gurmit Singh

to develop human potential in order to strengthen an organized socio-religious, non-political, voluntary educational movement for the total transformation of the society through spiritual-scientific approach.

The Fourth Nanak, Sri Guru Ramdas Ji in a hymn under raag (measure) Gujree, emphasizes the importance of holy congregation. He  elucidates, virtues shine in holy company.

To inculcate the spirit and need of leading a purposeful life based on value system among the participants.

To constantly make available to the society trained volunteers capable of taking on the present day challenges through organizational network.

  • To organize courses and programmes
  • ‘Think tank’ function for intellectual input.
  • Distant education and vocational/ carrier guidance
  • Providing counseling on different problems
  • Providing coaching for competitive exams.
Nominations to these courses can be done directly by the school/colleges and universities. Participants are also nominated by the field functionaries and head office of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle. Each batch will consists of 20 to 25 participates. Duration of course ranges form one day to four weeks.