Are you stressed ? Here is the solution

khw clhu mn rhhu Gry ] AMg 414

Kahan-Where, Chalo-are you going, Raho-stay, Gharey-home

Where are you going O mind? Stayhome.

At times there are some recurring thoughts that Just don’t go away. Either something terrible that happened in the past or something very worrisome about the future. No matter how much you try, your mind keeps On going to that unpleasantness again and again.

Here is something you can try with the use of the above verse. Each time your mind goes into that thought and makes you miserable or terrified, call out to your mind and say “Oh mind where are you going? Stay back home!”

After that, say a mantra like Waheguru or any other that  you  feel the gratitude  of the life that you have in this present moment. Do this 10 Times, each time just reminisce in the beauty that life has bestowed upon you. Whether it is this body, this breath, the house that you live in or the people that are with you right now.

After this, just take few deep breaths and stay in the moment. Don’t do anything. Open your eyes and observe whatever IS around and being in that moment without much interpretation and feel the peace and happiness within.

It might not change in an instant; it may take a few regular practices to be able to observe that your mind is more at ease being in the ‘now’ than drifing into the past or flying into the future too much.

Whenever it does it again use the same Mantra and ask the mind “hello where are you going? Stay back home peacefully.”

And you’ll find peace just being here.