With a cherished desire to keep aflame the Guru’s ‘Naam’ and the glorious heritage in the hearts of the energetic and buoyant youth of the Panjab, a few students of government college Ludhiana put up a handwritten call on the notice board and in an overwhelming response , on Friday – the 1st day of September 1972, about 30-35 students assembled in the college football field during the half time break. Solemnly reciting Gurbani, five times the mool mantar and the Guru mantar, they then began to contemplate the Guru’s life and message. Someone related Guru Nanak’s odysseys, another how the gracious Guru Arjan compiled the Adi Granth and its installation for the first time in 1604. A third one discussed the establishment and the vision of Sri Darbar Sahib while another one narrated the act of Bhai Kanhaiya ji to emphasize the concept of ‘Sarbat da bhalla’, the welfare of all. The girls eagerly shared the inspirations from the lives of Bebe Nanaki, Mata Kheevee , Mata Ganga and Mata Gujree ji and effectively registered their presence. Guru Nanak’s message through Gurbani shabads to establish a casteless, classless, healthy society resonated in the group. The martyrdom of the sahibzadas, the the four young sons of Guru Gobind Singh was serenely recounted. The youth, thus, initiated an endeavor to get a connect with the great and glorious heritage.
This first get together, of the students for the welfare of students and ‘Sarbat da bhalla’, the welfare of all, by its nature and construction, was ‘Study Circle’, and for its awareness and admiration of the Guru, aptly got the final shape and name as “Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle”.
In this initial study circle were present some eminent professors of the college as well. And then such Study circle became a weekly event, eagerly awaited every Friday. This got emulated in other colleges and then universities. By the great Guru’s grace, this event, in the 50 years span, today has got transformed into a global movement for “Sarbat da bhalla”. Thus evolved the organization; ‘Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle’.
Today, celebrating the 50th anniversary, the golden jubilee year of its inception, we salute the students, the pioneers who gathered in the first Study Circle.


Inspiring & Empowering volunteer force to generate global social movement for fostering the culture of “Sarbat Da Bhalla” (welfare for all) as enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

  1. To create awareness about the rich heritage in the society as a whole and especially in the youth and students.
  2.  To promote ethics and moral values for global peace and sustainable and inclusive growth.
  3. Stem the expanse of social and religious evils, unethical practices and blind faith which leads to exploitation of the masses and promote equality, justice and the spirit of humanism.
  4. To promote the realisation of a healthy social order based on universal brotherhood and compassion, free of all social evils and bereft of all distinctions of caste, creed, gender or race.
  5. To initiate a movement for rejuvenation of literary, cultural, social service and academic streams as per natural moral laws.

Proactive and Educational

Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle follows educational approach. Knowledge remains our key tool. Series of motivational, personality development camps and holding weekly Study Circle, leadership workshops, kirtan training & weekly programs & family contact programs are planned to encourage spirited volunteering for social engineering. Addressing proactively the moral values and social ethics early on in the youth especially the school and college students is the best way to achieve a healthy society.